Interesting websites:

PC-98 music programming, a guide for making authentic PC-98 music.
Windows 93, a web-based windows 98 PC with games and silly features.
pix2pix, a machine learning demo that turns simple shapes into cats, buildings, shoes, and bags.
Dalong, a website that documents (almost) every gunpla ever released with pictures of the kit and manual.
VGMusic, a website that archives midi compositions of video game music tracks.
Cyberpunk 2021, a website with loads of pics and stats for sci-fi armaments and more. I don't play the game, but it's fun to look at from time to time.
Cameron's World, a website dedicated to 90's-00's internet culture.
Sound Test, a website that has music from over 380 games, with a great UI and player. Make sure to try out the guess the game feature as well.
8-bit Canvas Cycle, a website showcasing smooth pixel art animation.

The mochi empire:

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